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We     Special Orders

The beauty of handmade products is the ability to special order something especially suited to your unique tastes.  Here at Thistle & Olive Soapery, we welcome custom order requests.  Whether you need unique, personalized favors for your upcoming event, or if you just want a scent of soap, scrub or bath bomb that is not offered on our website, we can accommodate almost any request

*Minimum order quantities apply to some special-order products.


*Not every product can be made in every scent, but we will try to accommodate your request.


*Custom order cold process soap requires a minimum of 8 weeks lead time. This allows for production, full curing time, and shipping. Not every product takes that long. But soap cannot be rushed.


*We will discuss the expected production time once the order inquiry is received and again at the time the order is placed. 

**While we are happy to accommodate almost any custom order, please be aware that we do not produce orders for products with themes that make us uncomfortable (i.e., violence, gore, discrimination, profanity, etc.) nor will we knowingly participate in a mean or hurtful prank. We will not produce a product that we deem to be unsafe for use on the human body. We will not add amounts of fragrance or essential oils in excess of the safe usage rate as defined by IFRA or use oils that are classified as unsafe or inappropriate for the specified use. We reserve to right to decline any custom order. In short, we will not sacrifice our values and integrity for a sale.

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