Emulsified Scrubs & Foaming Scrubs




Our Emulsified Sugar Scrubs are made with organic sugar and sea salt suspended in high quality, luxurious, skin-loving oils blended with nourishing waxes to prevent separation and clumping. Our highly fragranced sugar scrub stays a scrubby yet creamy, usable consistency from the first scoop to the last. Are you ready to have the smoothest skin of your life? Because this scrub leaves the skin incredibly smooth, super soft, and conditioned. It is suitable for use on entire body, but it may be too exfoliating for use on the face.

Who doesn't love an all in one product? Our Foaming Bath Scrubs are just that. A luxuriously silky whipped soap , infused with nourishing argan oil and a gentle sugar scrub in one deliciously scented product. Clean, nourish, and scrub off the rough stuff all in one step. You can even shave with it! Just rub it in until the sugar crystals dissolve, to prep the skin for the razor and then use the silky smooth lather as your shaving lotion. Game changer!