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Formerly, Mustard Seed Soap Shoppe. We rebranded. Our name has changed, we got a bit of a make-over. But what's on the inside is still the same, the highest quality products, handmade with the finest ingredients. We will be selling the remaining products in our inventory that have the Mustard Seed Soap Shoppe labels until they are completely sold out. The products have not changed.
Our values have not changed. We loved our name but unfortunately, so did about a zillion other businesses. So hang in there with us as we navigate this big, scary change. We will do our best to make the transition as seamless as possible. Thank you to all our loyal customers who have supported our small business from those very humble beginnings. And to the new visitors, welcome, and thank you for shopping small. 


Who Are We?


Thistle & Olive Soapery is a small family owned business located in Rome, Georgia. Specializing in small batch, handmade, artisanal soaps, we also offer a variety of other high quality handmade bath and body products. Thistle & Olive started out as Mustard Seed Soap Shoppe but we have since rebranded due to the multitude of other businesses and ministries using mustard seed in their names. 

Our Products: we use only the highest quality ingredients available to us produce a superior product. Every ingredient is researched and sourced from reputable, responsible suppliers. We purchase fair trade, sustainably sourced ingredients whenever possible. Each product recipe is formulated by us to meet our standards and testing. We do not buy recipes or copy other makers' products. We are proud of our products and we know you will love them too. And oh my gosh, this soap is awesome!!!

Our People: all products are made by just one person, Elaine, who also handles almost every single aspect of day to day operations. Other family member step in and fulfill key roles as needed. Kailey, the eldest daughter, attends almost every single craft show and sales event, helps with website maintenance, product packaging and shipping, social media updates, etc. Claire, the middle child, assists with booth set up, packaging, etc. Everett, the youngest, occasional booth helper, bath bomb presser, and payment processor. Josh, the husband, lifts heavy things and supports dreams.   

Thistle & Olive Soapery
408 Price Rd NE 
Rome, GA 30161
(706) 676-4052


thistlesoapery@gmailcom  |  Rome, GA 

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