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Have you ever excitedly scooped out a handful of sugar scrub, spread it over your skin, ready to slough away the dull skin only to watch it melt away and fall to the shower floor a fraction of a second after a water droplet hits it? Our emulsified scrubs contain a  silky soft emulsifying wax so that when the scrub mixes witha little bit of water, it forms a creamy lotion that glides evenly over your skin, creating a luxurious, unique application. It adheres to skin rather than falling off in clumps before you can use it as intended. But can rinse off without leaving your skin (and bath!) feeling greasy.  Once you try them - they’ll be your new obsession!


This listing is for one 10.25 oz jar of Emulsified Sugar Scrub. This is a hand made product and appearance of actual product received may vary slightly from the item pictured or from one batch to the next in label, packaging, color, strenght of scent, etc.

Walking on Sunshine Emulsified Sugar & Salt Scrub

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  • freshly sliced juicy pink grapefruit

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