Description: You asked and we answered. Tinted lip balms are now available at Thistle & Olive. Our ultra conditionioning tinted lip balms are the best of both worlds. Packed with skin-loving oils, butters, and unrefined beeswax, these balms transfer a sheer layer of shimmery color to help you look a bit more polished while you protect that pout.   Our formula contains a ton of unrefined cocao butter, mango butter, and a touch of vitamin E.


* Dont let looks deceive you, the product looks dark in the tube but goes on surprisingly sheer. Lip model in photo above is weating one coat of Bloom. 

Color choices

Ruby-- a shimmer of sheer red

Coral-- a sheen of pearly peach

Bloom-- a blush of perky pink

Bronzed Plum-- a wisp of smoky heather


*These lip balms do not contain any salicylic acid or any other ingredient that would make your lips peel (we don't add that like some companies do. FYI that's how they make you dependent on their product, it actually damages your lips and so you use more to try to heal them. We would never do that. All we add are beneficial conditioning ingredients)


Ingredients: All colors-- coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, mango butter, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), mica

Tinted Lip Balm