Description: Throne Cologne is a "before-you-go" potty spray. It is not an air freshener. The idea behind this genius product is that it forms a thin barrier of scented oil on top of the toilet water that will close up behind solid waste and trap odors under the surface of the water. Our formula contains a biodegradable and septic safe surfactant to prevent oily build up in the bowl or in your septic tank,

Of course there are more widely known national brands but we think ours is better. It's stronger and more highly scented, for one. Secondly, the barrier it forms on the water is super effective. And if we're being totally honest, we think the national brand is way overpriced for something that you are literally flushing down the toilet.

Bottle contains 2 oz

How To Use: Shake bottle and dispense 5 to 7 sprays directly onto the toilet water before you use the bathroom. 

Scent Description: 

Booty Bouquet: a floral blend of rose, gardenia, lilac, and just a hint of honeysuckle

Beach Bum: creamy tropical coconut

Piney Hiney: pine, fir needle, and spruce with a hint of mistletoe greenery

Poopermint: sweet peppermint candy cane

Toot Fruit: a citrusy blend of orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime

Ingredients: purified water, isopropyl alcohol, biodegradable surfactant, canola oil, natural fragrance and essential oils

Throne Cologne

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Throne Cologne Scent

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