Description: This handcrafted pillow and linen spray is sure to become the cornerstone of your nightly bedtime routine. Formulated with a base of lavender tea infused with calming essential oils for a natural approach to pillow spray. 4 oz bottle


Scent Description: 

Lavender Lullaby --  lavender essential oil in a base of lavender tea

Soothing Slumber -- eucalyptus essential oil in a base of lavender tea.


How to Use: Shake bottle and spritz a light mist onto pillow and/or bed linens a few minutes before bedtime.


Ingredients: Lavender Tea (distilled water, lavender buds), Witch Hazel, Essential Oil, *Preservative (propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, and polyparaben) 

*Why did we add preservatives to this product? Because any mixture containing water has the potential to grow mold or bacteria no matter how it is produced. Without preservatives to prevent them from growing, you could unknowingly be spraying harmful bacteria and mold directly on your pillow. Thank goodness for all those hardworking chemists who have developed and tested simple, safe, broad spectrum preservatives so we don't have to worry about that. Hooray for science!!!



Pillow Spray

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Pillow Spray Scent

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