What Is Bath Tea? Bath Teas are generously sized tea bags for yoru bath water filled with salts, oats, milk powders, dried botanicals, and essential oils. 


Scent Description: Bath Tea Boxes are available in four varieties, Relax (lavender & chamomile), Revive (peppermint & citrus), Rejoice (rose & bergamot), and The Three R's (a variety pack containing one each of Relax, Revive, & Rejoice)



Relax: magnesium sulfate, sea salt, oats, goat milk powder, dried lavender buds, dried chamomile flowers, lavender essential oil

Revive:magnesium sulfate, sea salt, oats, goat milk powder, dried peppermint leaves, dried orange peel, peppermint essential oil, sweet orange essential oil

Rejoice: magnesium sulfate, sea salt, oats, goat milk powder, dried rose petals, bergamot essential oil, rose essential oil


How To Use: Remove outer plastic wrapper and place one Bath Tea Bag in warm bath water. Allow to "steep" undisturbed at least until the salts have dissolved. You may leave the Bath Tea bag in the water as long as you like. Resist the urge to squeeze or wring the bag while in use, as it can break open and spill the contents into the bath water.  When you are finished, simply remove the bag and dispose of it. No messy botanicals to clean out of the tub when you are done. 


This listing is for one box containing three Bath Teas. This is a handmade product and appearance of actual product received may vary slightly from one batch to the next in label, packaging, color, strength of scent, etc. 

Bath Tea Box

  • Please read all ingredients lists. Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

  • It is absolutely normal for this product to form small droplets of moisture inside the plastic packaging. This will not affect the performance of the product. It is also normal for this product to clump after a period of time. It is still usuable. No extra anti-caking ingredients have been added. Keeping the product in a cool dry place will help to minimize these issues.